Äventyr och vinter natur – Adventure and winter nature

Booking from August 2022

Meals at the Camp or outside depending on the activities.

You discover the basics of life in the forest.

Each day, you discover a new activity, which you put into practice in the immediate vicinity of the Lodge.

The course takes place outdoors, so that theory and practice are in reality one and the same thing.

Day 1 :

Transfer from Hudiksvall station.
Arrival at the Lodge, aperitif, presentation, installation.
Having dinner.

Day 2 :

Theoretical lesson: outdoor behavior, the basic rules of outdoor life:
our cold and warm metabolism, the nervous systems and their functions,
the rule of 3: shelter, fire, water.
Security equipment.
Practice: organize a camp: autonomy / advice.
Snack, debrief.

Dinner, sauna.

Day 3 :

Theoretical lesson: the tool without which nothing is possible: the knife.
Types, sizes, uses, false good ideas, maintenance, use a knife every day safely.
Practice: fire: making a fire and lighting a fire: two very different things.
The discipline and ethics of fire, fire in winter.
Five ways to start a fire without a lighter or matches.

Dinner, sauna.

Day 4 :

Theoretical lesson: water, research, purification, transport.
Find animal tracks.
Practical: finding water, making and installing a trap

“Figure 4”, Swedish split wood torch.

Dinner, sauna.

Day 5 :

Theoretical lesson: setting up an emergency shelter, reading and using the land, managing priorities, reporting.
Introduction to No Trace: the longfire in winter
Practice: set up a complete camp with shelter, fire and water.

Overnight outside in tent or hammock.

Day 6 :

Transfer to Hudiksvall station.