The Estate

Frisbo Lodge sits 61°58’31’’ North and 16°43’00’’ East, midway between Stockholm and the Artic circle, 45 km as the crow flies from Hudiksvall, in the old province of Hälsingland.

A dirt track will lead you through the woods and around the lakes to the Lodge. The Lodge stands in the midst of the woods, on a vast domain bordered by a wild and fishy lake.

In Frisbo, you can walk, hike, run, swim, sleep, sunburn, bike, canoe and fish in the summer. You can also ski, sled, snowshoe, snowmobile and fish in the winter.

You can go hunt for big antlers, or grab a piece of wood and carve yourself a bowl and a spoon. Wildlife is all around if you know to stay quiet. You may come across a moose, a deer, a fox, a wolverine, and who knows traces of bear or a wolf.
You won’t meet a reindeer though, they live farther north.

The Woods

Frisbo Lodge’s estate stretches on 12 hectares of woods in the taïga of the Hälsingland.

Frisbo Lodge’s estate stretches on 12 hectares of woods in the taïga of the Hälsingland. The trees are old and grow slowly. Because of the cold, it can take 200 years for a tree to grow 30 centimeters around. The forest is essentially composed of firs, pines and birches, and hosts a rich wildlife. It is also endless. You can walk from Frisbo Lodge to Hudiksvall – 45 km- or norwegian border – 500 km – or to Lapland and Finland – 700 km, and never go out of the woods. The undergrowth is low enough to allow hours of walking and watching. In Frisbo you can feel the forest live and breathe.


You can see it being taken care of and replanted. Branches, stumps and bark are left on the ground to fertilize and help maintain wild life and big animals.

The Lodge

The house was built in 2002, on the ruins of the old farm which had been converted in a care center for children in difficult situations.

In 2001, the farm was entirely destroyed by a fire. While the insurance company wanted a quick and cheap reconstruction, the local community privileged traditional methods and know how. 40 tons of artic wood, very dense because of the cold, were brought in from the north of the artic circle and crafted by the carpenters Olof JUNGS and Robert ÖHMANS. They built with love and craft this magnificent traditional cabin, with whole logs and special sweedish joints. The house was then bought by Margaret and Christer SAMUELSSON who made it even more special.

They finally sold it us and we warmly welcome you to it. The Lodge is very comfortable and fully equipped and can host up to ten guests. As we take particular care of our beautiful environment, use of the sanitary equipment can be limited.

The Lodge in pictures

The Lake

The Lodge is built on the Hilltjärnen, the lake of the Hillt, by the name of the family who worked the farm for several generations. The domain is therefore also known as Hilltjärn.

The Hilltjärnen is a typical sweedish lake bordered with woods and reeds, which host a lot of fish: pike, perch, trout.

The peated waters get pleasantly warm in the summer – 24-25°c – and allow nice and cooling swims. It freezes hard in the winter and allows skating and skiing while the snowmobile track crosses over. The lake is also a water point for many animals around, including moose, and a resting stop for local and migratory birds. You can also canoe around and pass to the next lake over, the Bruksjön, by a short carrying.

Around Frisbo

The north of the Hälsingland is a region of hills, low mountains, lakes and rivers. It was designed so by a meteorite impact 60 million years ago. The crater filled with water and is nowadays two lakes almost in one: the Norradellen and the Südadellen, 4 km south of the Lodge.

These lakes host a local and specific type of trout and offer many very nice bathing spots. One of them is just down the road from the Lodge, on a nice and sandy beach in Fönebo. You will not be bothered too much by the neighbors around since the population density of the region is 2 to 3 inhabitants/km2.

And most important, in the whole of Sweden, Allemansrätten (Right of public access) means that you can camp or picnic anywhere, provided you don’t stay more than a day or two, and tell the neighbors when you settle near a private property. In summer, many local farms have visiting hours and sell their own products. In winter, Hassela ski resort is 25 km from the Lodge. And you can also put your skis on the threshold of the house, cross the lake and be out for one hour, half a day or a week. There is also a number of historical and pre-historical sites which expose antic rune stones.

A bit of History

The name Frössbo, later Frödsbo, then Frisbo was mentioned for the first time in 1542 on a tax declaration by a local inhabitant. The region has been for the past centuries a land of farming and foresting.

Seven of the Hälsinglands farms have entered the Human World Heritage Of Unesco for their construction techniques and decorations. During the industrial era, numerous foundries were built around. One of them is on the road to the lodge and is now an eco-museum you can visit.

The local speech apart from Swedish is Delsbokan, and it’s not only spoken by the eldest. Even the local runes here have a particular design found nowhere else. Nowadays, people still live from farming and foresting, but also from modern software international companies that you can extraordinarily find nestled in the middle of the forest around the next bend. If you speak some sweedish or are willing to translate, a local neighbor keeps a website of the history of the Dellen Lakes and their surroundings: