The Estate

Frisbo is at 61 ° 58’31′ North latitude and 16 ° 43’00′ East longitude, halfway between Stockholm and the Arctic Circle, 45 km as the crow flies from the city of Hudiksvall, in the former province of Hälsingland.
You get there by a track through the forest and the lakes. The camp is set in a fully wooded area in the middle of a huge forest, on the banks of the Hilltjärn, a small wild and fishy lake.

The tents are mounted on wooden platforms facing the lake.
In Frisbo, you can walk, swim, fish, and sleep. You can also go for a sauna, or canoe on the lake. In summer, there is daylight all 24 hours, so you have lots of time and can take long walks in the evening and observe the nocturnal fauna. Wildlife is always near if you don’t make too much noise. You will see birds, foxes, deers, maybe a moose, or traces of bears and wolves, and meet our beaver family. We manage the domain so as to minimize our impact on our beautiful environment.

The water comes from a source and returns to the lake after settling in a field of reeds, so we don’t use chemicals, and we ask you to do the same. You use dry toilets on the camp. The tents are lit with candles and heated with wood. There is no current water, and you use the sauna, which is a great moment of relaxation and conviviality, and very good for health, the high temperature also eliminating microbes and bacteria. Or you can take a swim in the lake, the water is up to 25 degrees in the summer.

The Lake

The Lodge is built on the banks of the Hilltjärn, a nice Swedish lake: fishy and bordered by reeds.
In summer, the water is surprisingly warm, it is not uncommon for its temperature to reach 24 to 25 C°.

 A pontoon is set on the lake to go swimming, fishing, or sunbathing. In winter, the lake is taken by ice, and a snowmobile track crosses it.

The lake is also the water point of deer living in the woods, and a drop point for birds – migratory or sedentary. With the canoes, you can join by a portage of a few meters the Bruksjön, the big neighboring lake.

The Bastu

Bastu is the Swedish word for sauna which is the Finnish term.
Ours is heated with wood, and essential oils. You will experience a very nice impression of well-being, lightness and cleanliness which is typical of the sauna. The high heat is also anti bacterial. You heat it yourself to get your ideal temperature, the camp provides the wood. There’s a garden shower close to cool down.

Around Frisbo

The region has been for centuries a land of forest exploitation and farming. Seven Hälsingland farms are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their construction techniques and the richness of their interior decoration. Many farms can be visited and have small shops offering local products.

A former foundry located in Moviken on the road to Frisbo is now a visiting eco-museum. The large surrounding lakes, the Dellen, offer beautiful swimming and fishing grounds. Hassela ski resort is 25 km away. From Frisbo, you can go for extensive walks in the forest for an hour, a day or even several days.

Depending on the season, you will discover the beauty of the boreal forest in summer when it overflows with life, or in winter when you might think it frozen in the cold.

A bit of History

The name Frössbo, later Frödsbo, then Frisbo was mentioned for the first time in 1542 on a tax declaration by a local inhabitant. The region has been for the past centuries a land of farming and foresting.

Seven of the Hälsinglands farms have entered the Human World Heritage Of Unesco for their construction techniques and decorations. During the industrial era, numerous foundries were built around. One of them is on the road to the lodge and is now an eco-museum you can visit.

The local speech apart from Swedish is Delsbokan, and it’s not only spoken by the eldest. Even the local runes here have a particular design found nowhere else. Nowadays, people still live from farming and foresting, but also from modern software international companies that you can extraordinarily find nestled in the middle of the forest around the next bend. If you speak some sweedish or are willing to translate, a local neighbor keeps a website of the history of the Dellen Lakes and their surroundings: