At Frisbo, nature is all around, light is unique, and water is pure. Come live to the rythm of the forest: we offer you a unique and exotic experience outside of modern life.

We welcome you year round to ecological accommodations within the forest, with cosy and rustic comfort for a night or a discovering stay, in couples, families or with friends.

Frisbo Lodge sits 61°58’31’’ North and 16°43’00’’ East, midway between Stockholm and the arctic circle, 45 km as the crow flies from Hudiksvall, in the old province of Hälsingland.


All our prices are VAT included


A very comfortable night in a Wigwam, 30 m², lake view
Bastu (sauna), canoe and breakfast basket included.
1 night: from 1 900 sek (2pers)

Comfortable tent on a wooden platform
20m2- lakeview – bastu and canoes included.
From 1 550 sek (1-4 pers)

Comfortable tent 20 m² on a wooden platform – lakefront – bastu and canoes included.
From 1 550 sek (1-4 pers)

Comfortable tent on a wooden platform
20m2- lakeshore – bastu and canoes included.
From 1 550 sek (1-4 pers)


How about taking a holiday in wonderful swedish nature, swimming, canoing, discovering the forest and having a great time?
From 9 000 Sek/pers

Retreat in the forest : a few days just for you, with calm, peace, silence, the lake and the forest.
From 7 000 sek/pers

1 night all comfort in a trapper tent, 1 day bushcraft initiation, 1 night in the forest in a hammock camp. Bastu (sauna), meals, 2-5 people – (equipment supplied)
5 000kr/adult
3 500kr/child (under 12)

1 night in nature to teach you basic survival techniques with a guide and makeshift equipment
2-5 people
1 950kr/person

The Estate

Frisbo is at 61 ° 58’31′ North latitude and 16 ° 43’00′ East longitude, halfway between Stockholm and the Arctic Circle,  45 km as the crow flies from the city of Hudiksvall, in the former province of Hälsingland.

You get there by a track through the forest and the lakes.  The camp is set in a fully wooded area in the middle of a huge forest, on the banks of the Hilltjärn, a small wild and fishy lake.

Practical Information

Come as you are and enjoy beautiful nature!

How you will sleep: Each tent has 2 beds with mattress protection, 4 pillows and 2 to 4 heavy blankets depending on the season. You can bring your own linens or sleeping bags if you want.The wigwam has full bed linens, a double quilt and 2 heavy blankets.


Wood and water: The tents are lit with candle lamps and heated with a woodstove. We provide the wood.
Each tent has a can of 20 liters of water from our source which you can refill according to your needs.


Food: There is a “food cache” with a few staples (salt, sugar, coffee, flour…) and kitchen utensils, cups, plates, cutlery, pans, pots that are free to use. You can bring your own food and cook on the firepit near each tent and we provide a little gas stove in the food cache. The wigwam has its own little kitchen and firepit. Each tent has its table and bench.

You can also order from us:

a breakfast basket: 170 kr/pers : homemade bread, coffee, tea, juice, butter, jam, cheese, fruit, eggs. We bring it at your tent at the time of your choice.

a dinner basket: 300 kr/pers: Coleslaw, baked potatoes, sausages you grill on the firepit, homemade bread, dessert. We also bring it at your tent at the time of your choice.

All products are local and/or organic.


Bastu (sauna) and canoes: the bastu and canoes are free to use. You can book your own private time at the bastu by putting your name on the board near the door.


We do not use chemicals, and ask you to do the same, the quality of the lake water depends on it.


In the winter, you should dress warmly and have boots for the deep snow. We also recommend to bring sleepers and a headlight as it is night quite early.


We can also provide:

towels: 50 kr/towel

snowshoes in the winter: 200 kr/ pers/ day