At Frisbo, nature is all around, light is unique, and water is pure. Come live to the rythm of the forest: we offer you a unique and exotic experience outside of modern life.

We welcome you to ecological accommodations within the forest, with cosy and rustic comfort, without running water, without electricity, for a night or a discovering stay, in couples, families or with friends.

Frisbo Lodge sits 61°58’31’’ North and 16°43’00’’ East, midway between Stockholm and the arctic circle, 45 km as the crow flies from Hudiksvall, in the old province of Hälsingland.


All our prices are moms included
Special offert Summer 2021 (-30%)

A very comfortable night in a Wigwam, lake view
Bastu (sauna), canoe and breakfast
1 night: 995 700kr/pers

2 nights: 1790 1250kr/pers

2 nights all comfort in a trapper tent, 1 bushcraft initiation trekk. Bastu (sauna),  meals. 4/5 people
2 680 1876kr/adult
2 140 1500kr /child

1 night all comfort in a trapper tent, 1 day bushcraft initiation, 1 night in the forest in a hammock camp. Bastu (sauna), meals, 2-4 people – (equipment supplied)
4 130 2890kr/adult
3 300 2310kr/child

1 night in nature to teach you basic survival techniques with a guide and makeshift equipment
2-5 people
1950 1365kr/person

Indian tent high comfort 28 m²
2 to 6 people
720 500kr/pers/night
(breakfast included)

Comfy forest 20 m² tents
2 to 4 people
630 440kr/pers/night
(breakfast included)

A cosy and unforgettable experience in the trees. Single hammock / Camp from 1 to 4 people
400  280kr/pers/night
(breakfast included)

Crutch and pitch your tent, lake view
Ready tools for routine maintenance

Under construction, but try our hammocks !

Outdoor life

Adventure and summer nature


Adventure and winter nature

The Estate

Frisbo is at 61 ° 58’31′ North latitude and 16 ° 43’00′ East longitude, halfway between Stockholm and the Arctic Circle,  45 km as the crow flies from the city of Hudiksvall, in the former province of Hälsingland.

You get there by a track through the forest and the lakes.  The camp is set in a fully wooded area in the middle of a huge forest, on the banks of the Hilltjärn, a small wild and fishy lake.



This year we have reviewed our entire project to take into account this disease  which impacts all our social relationships. The camp is large enough for you to respect all health distances, and all activities are taking place outside for the time being.

All equipments are cleaned and disinfected after use.

• you can respect distances, and limit interactions within your own group;
• we provide soap and hydroalcoholic gel to wash your hands regularly.
• please don’t come to stay with us if you are sick or have symptoms, even mild.

Practical Info

We minimize our impact on the beautiful surrounding nature, and offer you a unique and exotic experience outside of modern life.

The tents are lit with candle lamps and heated with wood.
You cut your own wood on a supplied reserve.
Each tent has a can of 20 liters of water, which you can refill according to your needs at the tap (source water) or at the lake (drinking water).

We do not use chemicals, and ask you to do the same, the quality of the lake water depends on it.