How about treating yourself with a few days free and alone in a comfortable tent in the middle of nature? A time to leave stress behind, to rest, to listen to yourself, to enjoy the power of trees, and the calm and beauty of your surroundings.

Modern and urban life means speed, efficiency, progress, machines, services, technology. It is built on needs which we are taught to satisfy as soon as possible. It cuts us from the environment in which our species was born and makes us loose the feel or the need for nature.

Everything is provided, at a cost. Food is processed, air is conditioned, and water comes in a bottle. Everything is mecanized, space is money, and even leasures are strictly organized and timed.

A retreat in the forest allows you to break the cycle and help you remember who you are.

Feel just the moment, the sun on your face, the wind in the trees, the songs of the birds, and the melody of running water. It helps listening to oneself again, what your body says,  what your senses discover when it is calm and silent outside. It helps to find peace.

We propose year-round a 3 to 7 day retreat in a comfortable heated tent on the camp so you can concentrate on yourself and on immediate needs : shelter, heat, food, water, rest, contemplation.


You will sleep in a fully equiped tent on a wooden platform :

  • 20m2
  • 1 bed 140×200
  • 1 bed 120×200
  • Pillows, blankets, mattress protection
  • Wood stove (wood is supplied)
  • Water from the source (20 liters can and free refill at the source)
  • small table, carpets, candles, washing basin, soap, sponge, duster
  • dry toilets – sauna –  external shower.


We provide three meals a day in a basket that we bring to your tent at your choosen time.

We follow your own diet: regular, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free.

Most of our products come from the local farms and we do mostly home cooking.

Preparation :

  1. We make sure that you know how to light and maintain a fire whatever the weather ;
  2. We do a little briefing on yourself with a few questions about :

    – your sleep ;

    – your state of mind ;

    – your bodily functions ;

    – the crutches you use to go by in life.

  3. We also review with you what you expect of your stay :

    – how you expect to feel ;

    – how you plan to pass time ;

    – what you want to leave behind ;

    – your emotional progress.

  4.  We normally take your mobile, watch and all electronic objects.

  5.  We recommend a bit of self prep before coming so you feel the full power of the retreat :

    – it’s better if you stop coffee, alcohol, tobacco… at least one week before coming ;

    – you can start reflecting beforehand on the benefits you expect to gain.

Planning :
this proposal planning can adapted depending on your needs :

Day 1 : Arrival – discovery of the tent and the surroundings – briefing – meal – first evening with silence and calm.

Day 2 to 4 : rest, meditation, reading, walk in the forest, bath in the lake, or camp activities:bastu, canoe tour on the lake…

You can have briefings on :

– how to keep warm in the dead of winter ;

– hows to deal with solitude especially when the sun sets ;

Last day : Review of your stay and debriefing on how it went for you and what you gained.


3 days stay minimum – up to 7 days :


from 1st June to 15 August

from 30 november to 15 february: 

                         3 days: 8500 sek

                         5 days: 13500 sek

                         additionnal day: 1900 kr/ day


– LOW SEASON :    

                         3 days: 7000 sek

                         5 days: 9500 sek

                        additionnal day: 1500 kr/ day


The price does not include airplane and train tickets.
We provide transfers from and to Hudiksvall and Ljusdals train station.