Our activities

Summer Activities


Hiking is open to everyone and you don’t need to be top sport to enjoy it. We have a free choice of hiking tour from 2 hours to a whole day. We also give you a map and compass if you want to wander by yourself, and a radio if you get lost! We might lend you our special map of old runic stones that are dispersed everywhere in the forest, or take you to try and find them.

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking (originally Finnish sauvakävely) is fitness walking with specially designed poles. It comes from cross-country skiing and uses cut-off ski poles, and it actually burns twice the energy normal walking requires.
The region around the Lodge offers great ground for this type of hiking, not too flat, and not too steep. You can depart from the Lodge and we can offer 1 to 3 hours hikes, in the forest and around the lakes, and you can go look for the old runic stones that are dispersed in the forest, we have a map.


If you want a bit more adventure, we advise to let us take you deeper in the Swedish forest. You’ll make a fire on a lake shore, eat what you cook and sleep hanging in the trees.
You carry your own bag 10-15 kg and make do with what is in it. You will find here the list of items we recommend. But we provide food and the sleeping equipment, except the sleeping bag. You will find in our packages our most common propositions but we are open to discuss a tailored-to-you-needs 1 to 5 day trek. We can also hike down the Kungsled – the 400 km King’s Track. You’ll then need a 20 day-holiday a warning at least a year in advance.


Sweden means fishing.
It’s a national sport shared from 7 to 77 or a to 107 in the 100.000 lakes or rivers of Sweden. Fishermen come from all over the world for the Swedish salmon, pike, perch and trout. The Norradelen and Sudadelen host 2 native sorts of trout that cannot be found anywhere else.
The 1 day to 1 week licence can be purchased in any fishing shop in Delsbo or Hudiksvall. The lake at the Lodge can also provide your dinner. You can come with your own gear or buy some, there is just one rule: who fishes cleanses! But then, you will cook it on the fire on the shore of the lake in the never-ending sunset. We can also offer a French speaking fishing guide who will show you why fishing in Sweden is so great. You can let him lead you or establish with him your agenda.