Our Activities

In winter


In winter, silence hurts your ears.
It snows 1 to 2…and more meters every winter at Frisbo. Hiking become impossible and nowshoeing will lead you further than your hiking shoes. You can tour the lakes around, and even better cross them. You can leave the Lodge through the forest and comme back by the frozen lake. No worry, the ice is 50 to 100 cm deep from novembre on.
You can also follow animal tracks much more easily in winter. You can go for an hour or for the whole day – 6 hours- and come back at night to the warm and comfortable Lodge. We can also take you to bivouac for one or a few night – yes in winter!


Skiing has been known in Sweden for at least 2,500 years, and long boards have been found submerged in peat bogs for over 3,000 years.

Ski, wax, slalom, Telemark are Norwegian words. From the Lodge, you go cross-country skis to the forest or the lake, or you go from one to the other in complete freedom.

Skiing in Scandinavia essentially means cross-country skiing or Telemark, but there are of course alpine ski resorts.

Hassela, for example, is 40 km from the Lodge, by car or snowmobile.